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Our range of accessories at Sun Spas offer you complete packages for hot tub, sauna and swim spa maintenance, as well as fun products to liven up a party! To enhance your overall experience Sun Spas offer a wide range of accessories from umbrellas and hand rails to filters & chemicals.Create a relaxing atmosphere with a range of hot tub lighting including water level and underwater lights offering a variety of different effects. You may consider one of our safety rails to help you get in & out of your tub with ease or assist those with any form of disability. Similarly, we have a range of steps to choose from too. Keeping your hot tub clean & safe has never been easier with Sun Spas. Our range of filters ensure that your water is kept clean& healthy, and we’ll keep you up to date on which filter you’ll need. eep your tub safe & secure with a variety of covers available throughout our site. You can choose a secure lifter, a plastic cover or even an insulated cover; whichever suits your requirements or budget.Whilst you are enjoying relaxing in your hot tub you may want to lie back and enjoy a drink. With one of our choices of hot tub accessories you can keep you drinks close by when you choose from our range of cup holders &glasses. To enhance the luxury of your hot tub, why not go for one of our spa cushions or pillows for extra comfort and decadence?When it’s raining outside,our range of gazebos offer you the cover to enjoy your tub in comfort!Take a look though our range of accessories& chemicalsor contact our team for help or advice on 08451 800 525.

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